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Hollow flat shutters Outdoor sunshade louver Glass shutters Fire smoke shutter Sunshade blinds
Silencer louver Ventilated rainproof blinds Fire smoke exhaust skylight Window & control system Stainless steel louver

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Kunshan Yashengou Intelligent Sunshade Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of aluminum alloy hollow flat slab louver, outdoor sunshade louver, glass louver, fire smoke louver, silent louver, stainless steel louver and its supporting fire smoke exhaust system. It mainly produces and sells aluminum alloy shutters, outdoor sunshade shutters, fire smoke exhaust skylights, special-shaped smoke exhaust skylights, electric window openers, intelligent control systems and aluminum alloy doors and windows. [MORE + ]

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Green material green life

Green materials
Let nature blend into every day's life and emphasize a form of artistic leisure.

accurate measure Intimate service

Professional measurement technology
Customize the concept of caring service and pay attention to a noble and solemn form.

Personality customization

Building customized service
The designer is tailored to pursue perfection and a freewheeling form.

professional services

Years of focus on blinds
High-end brand to create high-end quality of life experience

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The main production and sales of aluminum alloy hollow flat slab louver, outdoor shade louver, glass louver, fire smoke louver, silent louver, stainless steel louver, fire smoke ceiling

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