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Brief introduction to development history of shutters

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Shutters are a style of windows, which originated in China. In ancient Chinese architecture, there were lattice windows, which were used in various dynasties from the Warring States period to the Han Dynasty. Straight bars, straight latticed windows and horizontal bars, are called window frames. The original style of the louvered window or shutters is also the original state of the shutters.
By the Ming Dynasty, the window of the lie lattice had been greatly developed. In the Song Dynasty brick pagoda made a variety of straight-framed windows, in the Ming Dynasty brick pagoda also made sleeping-framed windows, especially many examples, that is, the predecessor of shutters. The Venetian Louver Atlas (1) (20) is actually a window lattice, mainly used for ventilation and exchange of fresh air, as for the window lattice, of course, no more than a few patterns, either horizontal or vertical, then the horizontal is the rudiment of the Venetian louver. Strictly speaking, the latter is different from the louver in that the latter is horizontal and transparent. The louver window lattice is made of oblique lattices, which can not be seen horizontally, but only by oblique view. Such
But the modern shutter was invented by an American named John Hampson and patented on August 21, 1841. Such
Louvers, with louvered windows. Different from blinds. Cloverleaf curtain is similar to curtain, the blade is small, can close, is our television or daily common. Such
Rainproof louvers are generally relatively wide and are usually used for indoor and outdoor shading and ventilation. Now more and more people agree that the louver wall evolved from shutters. The functions of shutters are many, and they are very beautiful. They are generally used in tall buildings.
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